A Look at HTC RE Camera Which has 16MP CMOS Sensor

HTC RE CameraHTC at its Double Exposure event in India on Friday has unveil its RE action camera at an initial amount of $165, and says that it shall be totally obtainable through electronic commerce site such as Snap deal from the starting week of November 2014.The new Go Pro like RE action camera which is known as remarkable little camera by the company HTC. It was unveiled internationally last week together with the Desire Eye Smartphone also launched by HTC.

Along with the RE camera, HTC has also released the One M8 Eye, along with the octa-core Desire 820 and quad-core Desire 820q Smartphone’s in India. The HTC also unveiled the Desire Eye  Smartphone, in addition to the Desire 516 C Smartphone.

Along with introduction of the latest RE  camera, the monsters of Taiwan are taking a giant rise ahead and is currently above  a Smartphone creator. The company’s new RE device shall be obtainable in the US in the early November, and chased by several other territory shortly. Till present time, HTC has not declared the pricing of the HTC RE Camera – it might be predictable to be announced close to release.

Amusingly, the HTC RE Camera device shall be friendly with both Android and iOS platforms. A mutual app for both Android and iOS shall be presented for download as soon as possible, in pursuance of HTC.

The RE camera roll on the company’s site clarifies, Take full control of your RE camera photos and RE videos with sharing functions and mechanical storage with the RE app. Remarkably, HTC has previously launched an RE camera site for the India region tipping an impending opening in the country shortly.

As predicted in advance, the latest RE camera design is copy of a Poly Vinyl Chloride pipe with a camera fitted inside.

The best part of the RE device is the 16 MP sensors which can click or record along 146 ̊ ultra wide angle lens. The camera might capture 1080p video at 30 frames per second. HTC bids that the new RE camera device is a waterproof gadget with IPX7 certification, whereas the catalog also claims that the waterproof cap magnifies the RE’s score to IPX8.

Amusingly, the gadget does not comprise of a power button, in its place there is a built in grip sensor which switches on the gadget upon grip finding.

htc re cameraTo recharge the gadget, there is an 820mAh battery proved to be sufficient for taking around 12 hundred photos or 100 minutes nonstop full HD video recording. The RE camera contains about 32MB ROM and 256MB of DDR RAM along with the micro SD card facility.

For the connections there are many devices available such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and Micro USB, etc. HTC currently also declared a number of accessories for the RE camera, some of them are  portable battery, adjustable clamp, universal mounting stand, charging stand,  universal wall plug charger, and dual port adapter.

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